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All games published are listed here, including games not public elsewhere. Games are separated between longform project and short games, typically made for game jams. Please note that most games can be assumed to have sensitive content. Content warnings are provided on individual game pages, and further restrictions for adult content is done through itchio.


Event Horizon lost birds CLOSEDLOOP Protocol
There are two possibilities about this universe: either we are alone, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. Perhaps it was best we did not know -- the Solar System bears the scars of a conflict that bled it dry. From the graveyards, humanity rises triumphant. From the shadows, rumors of a second war, the return of the Enemy, a war to end all wars. A doomed crew embarks unto the unknown to stop it, or die trying. Hope is persistent; the world has been ended in a terrible, fatal cascade and yet -- life remains, as determined and strange and wonderful as ever. From blood-soaked soils, wildflowers grow. You have crawled from your grave, from the rubble of the old world. You seek the end -- revenge, closure, apocalypse. You are a good Citizen. The Corporation and City treat you well. The days blur together. You do your job, sit in your cubicle and follow the prompts on screen as the days blur together. The days blur together and your hands are bloody. The days blur together and you swear you have lived this exact day before. The days blur together and there is no escape. You are the first, last, and only crewman aboard Observatory Station Calypso-54414d. Everything you know is a lie.
Currently undergoing rewrites and reformatting.

Genre: science fiction, horror

Last Updated: n/a

Status: Under rewrites

Features multiple POV characters from a living ghost to a pair of lonely radio operators, a semi-customizable player character, non-linear storytelling and an evolving narrative, and an anthology of short stories -- forgotten testament to those who eke out lives in this strange new world. 99.3k words, 2 short stories.

Genre: western, science fiction, post-apocalyptic, surreal

Last Updated: 7/14/2023

Status: Complete through Part 2 of Chapter 1, update pending.

Features an RPG style character creator and trait system with gameplay consequences, and a looping narrative that devolves as it repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats and... 17.8k words.

Genre: cyberpunk, thriller

Last Updated: 3/30/2024

Status: Complete through Chapter 00, update pending.

Created for Spring Thing 2023, where the title received Best in Show honors and audience ribbons for Weirdest Horror, Cheapest Hallucinogen, and Best Visual Design. 48.8k words, 9 endings, New Game + mode.

Genre: science-fiction, surreal

Last Updated: 8/18/2023

Status: Complete.

Event Horizon (Legacy) By Starlight
A legacy version of Event Horizon with old writing (circa 2020-2021). This game does not receive updates, may be bugged, and as such I do not recommend playing the game. It has been published and remains published due to demand. Humanity spreads its glorious might across the galaxy; we have never known peace nor prosperity like that we harvest from the stars. You, on the other hand, are an unemployed cargo pilot two months behind on your rent. The job offer on your desk is a promise: a crew of outlaws and revolutionaries, conspiracy at the fringes of the galaxy, the gala of the century, the heist of a lifetime.
Features three branching timelines -- stories within an overarching story -- cosmic horror elements, and meaningful choices with permanent, unforgiving consequences. 149k words.

Genre: science fiction, horror

Last Updated: 7/21/2023

Status: Archived, no updates.

[short games]

The Revenant's Lament constellate TERMINAL VELOCITY Successor
Way out west, in the lonesome reaches, strange things are afoot. They say the devil walks amongst men, that he grants impossible wishes. They say he can bring dead men back to life. A prologue of sorts. The intertwining of souls and the origin of their doom. Set in the universe of Event Horizon. A conversation about gravity, ambition and flight. A love letter to ecology and the promise of new worlds.
Created for Ectocomp 2023 and entered into the Le Grand Guignol category for games written in over 4 hours, where it won second place for the category. 17.3k words, 4 endings.

Genre: western, supernatural, horror

Last Updated: 10/31/2023

Status: Complete. Unknown timeframe for bug/typo fixing update.

Created for NeoInteractive's Smoochie Jam, 2024. 8.7k words, 9 endings.

Genre: science-fiction, romance

Last Updated: 3/7/2024

Status: Complete.

Created for NeoInteractive's Neo-Twiny Jam, 2023. 499 words, 1 ending.

Genre: mythology retelling, surreal

Last updated: 6/8/2023

Status: Complete.

Created for NeoInteractive's Neo-Twiny Jam, 2023. Part of the Short Games Shortcase, 2023. 498 words, 1 ending.

Genre: speculative science fiction, ecological

Last updated: 6/28/2023

Status: Complete.

Paraenesis NYX The Moon's Knight sojourn
A prophecy of fallen stars and living curses. The world ends again by your hand. The final transmission of the ESPM-05 (NYX-V) crew on their final spaceflight. A brief and fatal tale of a knight beloved by the Moon. A love letter to many things - vast empty spaces, the mythology of journeys, the love of my life, poorly constructed poetry, and the forces of nature.
Originally created for NeoInteractive's Single-Choice Jam. 9.6k words, one choice, [???] endings.

Genre: surreal, science fiction/fantasy

Last Updated: 9/14/2023

Status: Incomplete. Unknown timeframe for update.

Created for NeoInteractive's Neo-Twiny Jam, 2024. 496 words, 3 endings.

Genre: science-fiction, horror

Last Updated: 6/12/2024

Status: Complete.

Created for NeoInteractive's Neo-Twiny Jam, 2024. 497 words, 2 endings.

Genre: fantasy, tragedy

Last updated: 6/3/2024

Status: Complete.

Created for NeoInteractive's Revival Jam, 2024, following the rules of NeoInteractive's Neo-Twiny Jam, 2023. 494 words, no endings.

Genre: experimental, poetry

Last updated: 3/20/2024

Status: Complete.

[prototypes and experiments]

A custom UI template that was created for use in CLOSEDLOOP, Paraenesis, The Revenant's Lament, and others. Designed to display dense text in a sleek, simple, and almost infinitely adaptable manner. Succession is a long process. In nature, a thing that takes many years. Our sciences have accelerated the pace; that is the purpose of science as a whole; to advance, to create, to hasten. To hope and dream. We believe in better futures for dead worlds. Thus, ATLAS, sibling program to CALYPSO, long distant ancestor to NYX. We are no longer looking for life; we are creating it.
Includes: main menu screen template, body text template, choice text and button template, toggleable in-game menu, custom save and settings menus with a light/dark mode toggle and font size toggle.

Genre: asset pack, resources

Last Updated: 12/2/2023

Status: Awaiting Update

ATLAS was created as part of my undegraduate thesis. Contact for paper.

Features random generation of events ranging from natural disaster sparking secondary succession to meetings with diplomats, resource management gameplay -- carefully guide your planet to climax-stage ecosystems lush and rich with plant and animal life or drive it to ruin, educational information -- all events are based in real-life scientific concepts and ideas, and a glossary, providing further context to the concepts found in each event.

Genre: experimental, science-fiction, educational

Last Updated: 5/1/2024

Status: Prototype